3L&S Farms Registered Romney’s are a true dual- purpose animal. We love beautiful Romney’s, beautiful fleeces, kind dispositioned rams and wonderful mothers who need only a little attention during lambing. If we can come away with Class Winners or Rosette’s with our Fleeces or Sheep that is a perk but not the main reason we raise this breed.

American Romney Breeders Association:

The following is an excerpt from the American Romney Breeders Association Webpage- Romney Breed Standard. To read the Standard in its entirety refer to that website http://americanromney.org/

2017 Approved by the Board of Directors on April 8, 2017

Romney sheep, as a dual-purpose breed, exhibit the essential qualities found in all good meat-producing sheep. They are sturdy animals, with a strong bone structure, large body capacity and a uniform fleece which is characteristic of the breed. The Romney is a mid-sized to large, well-muscled sheep. Its size is due to solid bone structure and muscling, and a substantial body versus long legs or neck. The Romney will continue to grow and mature until 2-3 years of age; consistent and ongoing growth during the first two years will result in an adult sheep that weighs within the target range




Natural Color
Birthdate: 2/6/2019
Codon Pending
Reg # Pending

Nice Growthy Natural Color Ram lamb. He is sired by “The Rock” our new stud ram from E/C Plank who has put a lot of bone and structural correctness through the hip and hind legs. His dam is a daughter of our old Gavin ram “Montana”, who had a spectacular silver fleece, thickness, bone and leg structure.  This ram lamb’s fleece will open-up and turn a nice silver color.

3L1920 - Gill

Natural Color
Birthdate: 2/12/2019
Codon Pending
Reg # Pending

A very correct, stout ram lamb. He would make either a nice sire in a Romney Flock or a wether for any Fiber flock. His fleece is soft with nice well-defined open locks that will lighten up beautifully with tones of silver. His dam was “Pegasus” the signature Silver old ewe in the flock. His twin will be staying on the farm as a stud ram. He is sired by “The Rock” our new stud ram from E/C Plank who has put a lot of bone and structural correctness through the hip and hind legs.   3L1920 was raised by his mother but had to supplemented with a bottle because of injury to her udder, as a result is gentler than most but does not exhibit bad habits bottle ram lambs pick up.



Natural Color
Birthdate: 2/14/2019
Codon Pending
Reg # 145343B

A beautiful up-headed Natural Color Ram lamb whose fleece is going to be a beautiful silver that he should pass on.  He is sired by “The Rock” our new stud ram from E/C Plank who has put a lot of bone and structural correctness through the hip and hind legs.  His dam is the last offspring of our old “Blackout” ewe who delivered a lot of good lambs over her nine- year career.   Dam’s sire is the old Gavin ram “Montana”, who had a spectacular silver fleece, thickness, bone and leg structure. 



White Pedigree
Birthdate: 2/13/2018
Codon: QQ
Reg # - 145007

Clean White Pedigreed Ram! Beautiful soft fleeced, Tall Fronted White ram.  He is sired by Morton 0080 – Triplet which we acquired from Pitchfork Ranch the fall of 2016 as an aged ram when our clean pedigree white ram went out of commission.  His dam is a ewe we purchased as a lamb at Rhinebeck New York Sheep Sale – the John Shelton dispersal sale (Little Hooves x SOR! ).  This ram is a tall fronted, good structured, boned ram with a beautiful fleece.  I used him as a ram lamb to clean up on my white pedigree ewes and he sired nice lambs.  I am limited on use here at 3L&S because I kept a lot of nice daughters out of his sire.   He has a good disposition.  



Birthdate: 2/15/2013
Codon Not Available
Reg # 139567BW

Traditionally I keep all proven Brood ewes for the span of their productive lives, especially ewes like 3L1330 (triplet) from productive mothers and have consistently twinned throughout their time in the flock.  As a result of young stock from new stud rams that need to be proven I need to reduce numbers to ensuring hay supply and shepard’s capability are not exceeded. 


Birthdate: 3/08/2014
Codon QR
Reg #140433BW

Traditionally I keep all proven Brood ewes for the span of their productive lives, especially ewes like 3L1428 (twin) whose dam was one of the last old ewes out of the “Harley” ram. (first Barnes bred ram I used). However, with 3 daughters and 7 granddaughters running in the flock so I need to pare down.





Natural Color
Birthdate: 9/19/2017
Codon QR
Reg # 144406

Silvertrain is one of the nicest rams bred at 3L&S Farms. In 2018 he debuted at the Michigan Sheep & Wool Festival hosting the American Romney District 3 show. I was pretty-high on the “Trains” beautiful silver fleece and he did not disappoint. He took Reserve Champion Natural Color Romney ram and then won MFF Best Michigan Bred NC Fleece on Hoof. We retired the ram to the breeding barn but took his lamb fleece to the 2018 Michigan State Fair taking home a 1st Place in the Long Wool Natural Color class. The silver fleece is even from front to back with very little variation in lock structure and minimal britch wool. A long-bodied ram, square and level out over his hip standing strong on his feet and legs. He is moderate in height. Sired by E/C Plank 1616 “SAP” we leased for breeding for Fall lambs in 2017. Dam is a silver fleeced daughter of our old Gavin ram “Montana” and she had another nice ram lamb this spring. Silvertrain covered my black-factored white show ewes last fall and I have several nice daughters out of him otherwise I would not be offering him for sale.

2010-2018 Sire - "Montana" Gavin10013

Birthdate: 2010
Reg # 134913B

A signature fleece at 3L&S is a lustrous Silver with nice handle and Montana delivered!  This Gavin bred lamb’s length of body, squareness, levelness of hip and correct leg structure caught my attention at the 2010 All American Jr Lamb show.  He ended up taking Champion NC Romney ram in that show.  That fall I tracked him down and by that time his fleece had started to silver out!  I was hooked and he came home with us.  His fleece has taken Reserve Champion Natural Color Fleece at NAILE both in 2011 and 2012 getting beat out only by powerful NC Merino fleeces.  In addition, he made it tough for anyone exhibiting Natural Color Fleeces at Michigan Fiber Fest, The Fiber Event, and the Michigan State Fair!  That breeding carried through as his offspring have demonstrated some pretty spectacular fleeces!  A daughter took Best Natural Color Fleece on hoof in the 2013 National Romney Show held at the Michigan State Fair.   Again, in 2018 a Granddaughter took best Natural Color Fleece on Hoof at the Michigan State Fair and a Grandson took Best Michigan Bred Fleece on Hoof at the Michigan Fiber Festival.    Loved everything about this ram!

Rock's Daughters
Rock Ram Lamb

2019 Sire - "The Rock" E/C Plank 1728

Birthdate: 2017
Codon RR
Reg #143563BB

Every purebred livestock producer needs to have a game-plan.  At 3L&S our Natural Color flock needed more strength of bone, levelness of hip and square up the hind leg set. This guy caught my eye at several shows in the summer of 2017. Spring of 2018 when I was sorting through yearling rams at Caitlin & Ethan Plank’s he was the one that fit the bill. This Ram looks to be that “Game Changer”.  The “Rock” is long, thick, level, square hipped, big-boned with a correct set of feet and legs and a nice fleece (which may just be skirted in time to head to 2019 Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival Fleece Competition).  There is a hole in every sheep and this ram’s problem is that he may just be a bit too big for me to shear by myself.    His first lamb crop did not disappoint!   I have some nice NC Ewe lambs and Ram lambs as well!  I included several pictures of the lambs. 

2016 - 2019 Clean White Pedigree Sires:

- "Novi" Plank 1286: Birthdate: 2014 Single Reg#: 140455 Codon: RR

-"Mort" Morton 0080: Birthdate: 2012 Triplet Reg#: 137748

-"David" Plank 1453 RR Birthdate: 2018 Single Reg#: 145083 Codon: RR

In 2016 I re-launched a Clean White Pedigree program.  My lead sire was “Novi” who was the Michigan State Fair Champion Romney Ram in 2015.  This ram gave us a nice start with good white ewes who have had their second set of lambs in 2019.  I hoarded the ewes out of this program but put a lot of good fleeces on the judging table not just in the Mid-west but at both the Maryland Sheep and Wool and New York Sheep and Wool Festivals.  Unfortunately, I lost the use of “Novi” early fall of 2016 and kindly Pitchfork Ranch had an aged ram they were willing to part with.  This Morton-Pitchfork bred ram “Mort” sired a nice set of ewe lambs that fall but also turned around and bred in the spring for my first set of Fall lambs.   Two of the fall ewe lambs hit the show pen and were complimented on quality of fleece at the shows.   Summer 2018 I went in search for a ram lamb with old strong bloodlines that have worked for me in the past, Barnes on Gavin bred ewes.  This turned out to be a Plank ram “David”, he bred a good group of ewes this year and I have a great set of young lambs out of him.  Look for some ram lamb pictures out of this guy.   

Mort Son
Mort's Daughter
Novi's Daughter Fleece